Cheer Music Mixer

We make cheer music sound easy.

Cheer Music Mixer is a branch of CheerSounds dedicated to smaller all star, high school, middle school and recreational cheerleading teams. Cheer Music Mixer follows the CheerSounds model of merging mixing engineers with professional cheerleaders, with an emphasis on customer service to make the music ordering process as easy as possible!

Many cheer DJs treat cheer music as a hobby rather than a profession, and do not follow copyright laws. This results in unpredictable delivery dates, copyright infringement, edits that never get completed, and the teams that can not afford high priced mixes end up getting ignored. We view this as unfair and unprofessional! We are proud to have our cheerleaders and music producers dedicating their time to creating affordable, legal cheer music for any size, age or skill-level team!

The Cheer Music Mixer style is based on creating upbeat remixes of popular music recreations that is easy for all cheerleaders to follow. This style uses voice overs less frequently than CheerSounds’ mixes, allowing for more songs and remixes to be used.

We currently offer four music solutions for your team:

  • Premade Mixes: Browse our library of cheer mixes that are ready for competition. Preview all of our premade cheer mixes online and instantly download your favorite mix.
  • Quick-Start Mixes: Pick a routine layout, and fill in the songs & voice overs. Quick and easy middle-ground for customized mixes!
  • Custom Mixes: Let us create your team a fully unique cheer mix built to your 8-counts, song selections* and voiceover requests.
  • Make Your Own Cheer Mixes: Using our online editor, you can build a cheer mix from scratch and hear it instantly!

Our custom mixes are uniquely built to your specification. All custom mixes include voice overs and sound effects that support your choreography.  Cheer Music Mixer’s Customs are the new standard for high school cheerleading mixes. This is our most popular, and most recommended product.

Our Quick-Start Mixes let you build your cheer mix with only song selections; no 8-count sheets necessary! The mix is customized with your song selections* and voice overs.

The “Make Your Own Cheer Mix” webpage lets you drag and drop voice overs, sound effects and songs onto an 8-count sheet, and listen to the complete mix before buying anything! This takes a little bit of extra time, but gives you 100% control over the mix and the added benefit of using/editing the mix for as long as you want before buying it!

Lastly, the quickest method to get this season’s cheer music is to check out our premade cheer mixes, which can also be customized with voiceovers! Our premade cheer mix catalog includes youth cheerleading music and cheer mixes that feature today’s most popular music. Search or browse our library and preview every mix!

Our Premade Cheer Mixes

Cheer Music Mixer and CheerSounds take a completely different approach to Premade cheer music.  Premades are segments of some of our most exiting creations, rather than the rejected music clips that other companies make their premades out of. This is why they are so energetic and sound great!

The premade selection is mainly based around the most popular dance and pop music, but also includes arrangements of cheerleading music for kids and youth cheerleading mixes.

Our premade mixes also let you swap out songs and add voiceovers. Now, high school cheer mixes can all be customized without having to actually purchase custom cheer music!

Our store also contains a Quick-Start Cheer Mix section for coaches who like to pick their own songs and voice overs for their cheerleading music. Many coaches like to create their own youth cheer music out of these routines to better suit the needs of younger teams.

If you are looking for cheer music for a nationally or internationally competitive team, we recommend the Elite or Champion mixes from

*Due to copyright restrictions, not all song requests may be available.